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Nov 06 2012

PMCA MEMBER ACTION ALERT: Updates to “Find a Contractor” database

11/3/12 – Attention PMCA Members.  The PMCA is in the process of updating our member’s information on the Find a Contractor database.  Please check your information on the Find a Contractor page of this web site.  Is it up to date? If not – a link to a form for making changes can be found on the bottom right of the page or under PMCA Documents on the Resource Links page of this website .  If you would like changes made to your listing – fill out the items to be changed on the form and send it by mail, scan or fax to Frank Wall at PMCA.  

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Nov 02 2012

GOVERNMENT UPDATE: FOG – Fats, Oils and Grease

11/2/12  – The Oregon Plumbing Board will hold a public hearing  on November 27th regarding a proposal to change or clarify several state rules regarding FOG.  Over the past few years there have been growing problems between the food service industry and some water providers regarding installation of grease traps.  And our PMCA contractors have been caught in the middle.  Issues include which codes prevail, equipment or systems required, who is the final inspection authority and responsibilities after installation. The proposal was created by BCS with the assistance of a work group that included representatives of the plumbing and mechanical industry, restaurants and food service, local governments and water providers.  Pat Sloan of Portland Mechanical Contractors represented PMCA on the work group.  The Plumbing Board voted unanimously at its October meeting to hold the public hearing and move forward with the proposal.  The Board will likely take final action to approve the changes in January.  There was unanimous support for the proposal from all the parties involved in its development.  PMCA is very supportive of the changes that are being made – though there are still a few more issues that need worked out for a future proposal. The hearing will be at 10:00 am  at the BCD offices in Salem.  Written comments can also be sent to the Board.  For a copy of the proposal and more information about the hearing and making comments – check the Plumbing Board’s website via the link on the Resource Links page of the PMCA website.

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