Dec 13 2013

Portland’s New Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

On January 1, 2014, Portland’s new ordinance requiring paid and protected sick leave for employees working within the City limits will take effect.  Under the new law, employers with six or more employees are required to provide employees up to 40 hours of paid sick leave per year.

Employers with fewer than six employees still must provide up to 40 hours of unpaid, job protected, sick leave per year.  Written policies, notices, and recordkeeping are required of all covered employers and any eligible employee can accrue up to a cap of 40 hours of sick leave per year and that time may carry over to the next year. The ordinance will be enforced by the Bureau of Labor and Industries but also includes a private cause of action by employees for any retaliation, discrimination, or interference of an employee’s exercise of rights under the ordinance.

Your PMCA government affairs team has put together an issue brief on the new law that addresses issues specific to the construction industry and employers with collective bargaining agreements.  The good news for PMCA contractors is that our agreements with UA 290 already contain provisions that meet the standard now being required by the city ordinance.  The City has also recently posted an informational website on the new law that includes the required poster, notices to provide employees and FAQs.  The City will also be conducting free seminars for employers on the new law on Dec. 11, Dec. 18 and Jan. 3.