Building for a Green Future

Environmental systems in commercial, industrial and residential structures are becoming increasingly complex and PMCA’s contractors are at the forefront of the green building industry from grey water systems to energy efficient boilers to waterless urinals.

The cutting edge architectural and engineering concepts within the United States Green Building Council’s LEED® rating system standards for Storm Water Design, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, and Indoor Environmental Quality are transformed into reality by the knowledge and hands-on skills of PMCA contractors and our UA 290 workforce.

However, the design and installation of sustainable water and energy systems in buildings and homes are just the starting point of energy efficiency and sustainability. If a building or home is to remain “green over time,” it must be maintained and serviced by contractors and workers who feel ownership in the green building movement. From installation and startup, to scheduled or emergency service, PMCA contractors are involved at every stage in life of an industrial, commercial, or residential building.

PMCA and UA 290 have incorporated green construction in our training programs since the 1970s and advent of solar water heating systems.  A key training component now is the UA Green Systems Awareness program to certify our workforce.  This program has been recognized by the USGBC’s Educational Provider Program. The Green Systems Awareness Certification program has met the following criteria established by the USGBC for educational programs that:

  • Are preeminent in green building education and align with USGBC’s educational mission.
  • Offer courses at all learning levels to supplement USGBC’s core educational offerings.
  • Are thoroughly reviewed and meet USGBC’s criteria for instructional design and content quality.