Nov 30 2017

Water Efficiency Measures Included in Governor’s Energy Efficiency Executive Order

by Megan Beyer in Uncategorized

In response to the changing climate and severe drought issues that Oregon has experienced in recent years the Governor included a couple of water efficiency measures in her recently released executive order to increase energy efficiency in buildings across Oregon.

Late last spring the Governor’s staff gathered lobbyists and representatives of the construction industry and environmental community to work on a series of ideas to advance energy efficiency in buildings as a way to reduce greenhouse gases and battle climate change. Many meetings were held over the last 8 months, focusing on changes the state can make through modifications to building codes and other policies overseen by the executive branch. Much of the directives focus on buildings the state government might build, or currently own or lease – but some of the policies will impact future residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the private sector.

PMCA, alongside our labor partners at UA Local 290, were at the table and actively involved in the process providing the Governor’s office with valuable insight to prevent overreaching on new policies. The State Plumbing Board is directed to develop code amendments to the State Building Code that would require high efficiency water fixtures in all new buildings by January 1, 2020 and greywater capture and re-use for irrigation purposes in all newly constructed commercial buildings by October 1, 2025. This timeline allows the state to move ahead on water efficiency policies in a sustainable manner.

As Oregon moves ahead on these policies we are likely going to see other states looking to adopt similar measures to improve building efficiency.

To read the entire executive order please click on the following link November Climate Action Executive Order